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Looking for a Hackensack Locksmith? You’ve made it to the right place!

With our mobile service we can meet you with everything needed right at your door!

From Hackensack County Park all the way to Little Ferry – we cover every door step and any business in Hackensack and beyond, call (201) 613-2700 and you’re in!


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Lock Change in Hackensack

Did your key break in your lock? Don’t stress about it, we’ve got the tool set and everything you may need to help you out, a pro tip? Any use of WD40 might damage the lock more and get the key stuck further in! So keep away from the WD and call us!

Oh, you did use WD40 on your lock? Well, it’s a bit tricky but if need be – we can replace your lock with a new one easy peasy, wooden door? A delicate French Door? A Specialty entry lock? That’s not a problem for our professionals.

Door Repair in Hackensack

Are you in need of a door repair? Any and all door repair services you may need, we’ve got you covered! We cover every door to the west of the river! Business shops, private residences and apartment buildings are all included.

Door repairs can be tricky a business, leveling and installing is no joking matter, and can actually cause damage to your door frame if not done correctly and professionally, but in the hands of our trusted professionals it’s cakewalk.

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In the pictures above you (feel free to click to enlarge) can see our professionals carefully taking care of a lock replacement in a specialty entry door lock with a delicate transom window, using power tools can be tricky with delicate materials so we definitely recommend a professional.

When replacing a lock cylinder the basic thing is to get a similar cylinder size, so you need to measure from the middle to both ends, ie 25-25 means it’s 25mm from the middle to the left and 25mm from the middle to the right.

Next you need to choose the Security level of your lock, there’s plenty of them on the market and you need to choose a level you find most comfortable to your financial and security needs.

But all of this can easily be solved with American Star Locksmith – the best Bergen County locksmith. We will meet you at your door, assess, measure and replace your lock in no time, and if you can’t choose a security level for your lock, you can always speak with us!

Getting locked out is a jam, but calling American Star Locksmith is the perfect PB for it, call (201) 613-2700 ​ and you’ll be back in your kitchen in no time!

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