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We provide expert locksmith lockout service all around New Jersey!

If you’re locked out – you can relax now. You’ve made it to the right place.
To immediately dispatch the closest mobile unit to you – Call now (201) 613-2700!


Residential Lockout in New Jersey

We provide lockout service to any residential location and any household or commercial grade lock you may have!

We have helped many families back in their homes, and back to their lives.

No one better than us understands the frustration of getting locked out of your own home.

This is why we constantly make an effort to get to you as fast as possible!

Our Mobile Locksmith Units are always a short drive away and can get to you as fast as humanly possible.

You are but a simple phone call away from regaining entry back to your haven.

American Star Locksmith – The best 24-hour locksmith in New Jersey.

To immediately dispatch the closest mobile unit to you – Call now (201) 613-2700!

Locksmith House Lockout

No, You’re not alone.

Many people get locked out of their own homes and need emergency house lockout service, it’s not uncommon and can happen due to many reasons.

We’ve listed some, with a few helpful tips.


Key Stuck in Lock

A key can get stuck inside the lock, or worse it can break!

So most importantly – avoid pulling it harder towards you, that motion pulls the key against the pins and can damage your lock even further, or even break your key!

The best thing to do in that situation is to jiggle it up and down, that might loosen up the pins stuck inside the lock’s mechanism and help you bring the key back out.

The second thing to do is while jiggling the key in an up and down motion. Is to GENTLY pull it your way.

If all else fails – call a locksmith! That might be cheaper than fixing damage to your door

Lost House Keys

Losing your house keys is a bummer and a half.

But you made it here! We can pick your lock temporarily, or replace it altogether!

And this time, we can get you a new lock with extra spare keys, so even if you will lose yours again – you’ll always have a spare!

Forgot Keys

If you simply forgot your keys, and the waiting time for the wife or housemate is just too long – a quick call can fix it all.

We can provide any type of lock on any security grade you please!

A Worn Out or a Broken Lock

If your lock broke and lost the much-needed “unlocking” abilities – you might need to retire it.

An old lock is always bound to mechanical issues, no one thinks about it, but every hazed whoosh of air can dust up the lock’s interior, and every humid one can help the dust set even harder.

If your door is down a stream of air – this might happen more often.

In any situation – you can always call us! Our number is (201) 613-2700 and we’re always available to you!

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