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Need a locksmith in Jersey? You’ve made it to the right place.
Serving NJ for over a decade. Call (201) 613-2700.  25 minutes response time. happy to help anytime!

new jersey Locksmith

We offer a variety of services to match all of your needs.

24 Hour Locksmith New Jersey

In order to create a better sense of security, we decided to offer a full-time service. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You are never alone.

We know the worst time to get locked out is at night, or on the weekend when most places aren’t even open.

But our fleet of MLU (Mobile Locksmith Unit) and round-the-clock standby locksmiths are always at your beck and call.


How long does it take for you to get here?

We take pride in our 25 Minute response times. call and ask if your location is included.

How long does the service take?

Usually less than an hour. Results may vary.

Will there be any damage to the door or lock?

Absolutely not! Our upstanding and professional staff is well-trained in any scenario and will keep everything good as new.

A fast and reliable 24-hour locksmith.
To immediately dispatch a mobile locksmith unit your way – Call (201) 613-2700.

Commercial Locksmith NJ

The businesses of New Jersey chose.
American Star Locksmith is the main locksmith service provider for many businesses here.

Retail stores, medical offices, commercial spaces, warehouses and educational facilities are already resting easy knowing we are but a phone call away.

We are the certified locksmith company of choice for businesses in New Jersey for quite some time.

This job is taken seriously, we aim to provide the most reliable business relationship, with the best service and a professional touch.

Many many businesses have already chosen American Star Locksmith as their lead locksmith service provider.

Join our clientele in the best locksmithing-related choice you will make!

Call our representatives for additional information. Our number is (201) 613-2700.
Happy to be of service.

Residential Locksmith Service in NJ

We offer a variety of locksmith services to match any of your residential needs.

From the everyday lockout to a complex high-security lock installation. We cover it all.

Read more on our services:

Our services are offered in a variety of locations:

We aim to serve each and every one of your needs, if you’re not sure if we have an answer to your problem – Call us! Our answer might surprise you.

Call us on (201) 613-2700 and a representative will answer shortly.
We’d be happy to be of service.

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