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Getting locked out doesn’t have to be a bummer, our team has a tendency to make the whole ordeal a breeze! Call (201) 613-2700 for details!

Locksmith in Rutherford NJ

The main and obvious upside of choosing American Star Locksmith is our professional, prompt service with our local locksmith unit that can be immediately dispatched your way, achieving speed with reliability in our service.

mobile locksmith

From the Hackensack river all through Rutherford to the Passaic River, we’ve got you covered end to end, whether you’re in the town center or simply anywhere in Rutherford and the vicinity – Our mobile team is up and running 24/7 waiting on your beck and call.

Get the best Bergen County locksmith to your door! Call (201) 613-2700  and we’ll redirect our mobile unit straight to you!

What do we do?

Well, basically we do it all, from Commercial locksmith services, to private homes or apartment buildings.

Commercial or Apartment buildings

Did your lock get busted on the entrance of your apartment buildings? Sometimes ill-mannered individuals tend to try and pick or jam the lock for various mischievous or even wicked reasons, as such locks get jammed, busted, broken or simply damaged beyond repair.

Lock change

In those cases we might even offer a lock change, it is always the safer bet to have a new lock installed after an attempted break-in, and if you can afford it, it is advisable to upgrade your lock to a higher security level lock to avoid the next break-in. The attempted burglars might have noted the lock’s model and will come back once they know how to pick that particular lock.



If you upgrade your lock, they might make another attempt but you will increase the odds of them failing miserably.

If you need your lock changed or upgraded, American Star Locksmith is the way to go, call us at (201) 613-2700  and our locksmith team will be dispatched your way!

Locksmith East Rutherford NJ

Coming back after a long day of work only to encounter a jammed lock is a hell of a bummer, literally every time it happens, but thanks to our mobile locksmith unit, we can be at your door in no time!

In Rutherford center and the vicinity, we got you covered!

So give us a call at (201) 613-2700  and get your problem solved in no time! From a lock change to a new door – we’ve got you either way!


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