Do not let an unexpected lockout situation derail your schedule!

We at American Star Locksmith – Can help!

The most trusted 24/7 emergency locksmith service in Freehold, Marlboro, Rumson and Red Bank and the vicinity.

Emergency locksmith service by American Star Locksmith – 24 hour locksmith, mobile services, for residential, commercial and automotive.

Don’t ask: Is there a locksmith near me?
Call us at (201) 613-2700 and our mobile local locksmith is on its way to assist you.

Emergency locksmith service

All American Star Locksmith services personal are registered locksmiths, Licensed Bonded and Insured.
Our mobile locksmith service is well equipped. They will arrive at your site, with all hand tools and power locksmith tolling, that are necessary to help you.

Our locksmith technicians are experienced, well trained and capable of tackling the most complicated and bizarre automotive lockout, residential lockout, commercial lockout, office or home lockout situations.
Our mission is to let you continue with your daily plans.

Residential, Commercial and automotive 24 hour locksmith service

We at American Star Locksmith provide a 24 hours emergency locksmith service for all doors and locking systems. That is way whenever and wherever there is an emergencies needs of a locksmith in the vicinities of Freehold, Marlboro, Rumson and Red Bank.

Don’t ask: Is there a locksmith near me?
Call us at (201) 613-2700 and our local locksmith mobile is on its way to assist you

Commercial emergency locksmith service

If you locked out of your business, office, store. Or for some resents (damaged door or lock) you can’t open it or lock it up? Our locksmith mobile 24/7 service technician, is ready to find the best solution that will allow you to go on as planned.

We reinstall, repair or replace, electronic keypad, keyless or commercial fingerprints lock and access control systems. In case of an emergency call, our locksmith technician, will rectify the problem on the spot.
In some cases our local locksmith, will make the necessary modifications in order to make sure the problem can be solved at a later time. Without causing further damage while maintaining safety and security in place, for the time being.

Residential 24 hour locksmith service

As our commercial emergency locksmith service. Our home and residentials 24 hour locksmith mobile service, are well equipped and ready to get into action at any time.
Our technicians are capable to assist you.

Whether you have a traditional door lock at your main or rear entrance. And just as well, if you have the most advanced, electronic smart door locks, that are integrated in your Smart Home System.
Yes! we can help!

Emergency locksmith service

Car Emergency locksmith service

24 hour locksmith service is available for all cars and trucks locking systems. Our emergency car lockout and services includes of course Unlocking car doors or trunks. as well as, car key extraction or retrieving when locked keys in trunk.

we also provide you with an emergency car key replacement for lost or broken car keys.
For more advanced cars we offer replace key fobs and program key fobs as well as transponder key programming.
Yes! Our mobile locksmith service can handle the traditional old car lock. Just as well they are an experts of looking after the most Luxury car locksmith needs. We provide luxury automotive assistance too.

Emergency Locksmith near me

Whether you need a locksmith for your car or your home. we’ve got you.

Emergency Locksmith car near me

You need to head out but can’t get in (to your car)? We’ve got you covered.
With an emergency car locksmith service we can get you up and going ASAP.
Give us a call and we will help you out.

Emergency Locksmith house near me

Locked out?
We provide emergency locksmith service near you. Yes you! With coverage in Freehold, Marlboro, Rumson, Red Bank and the vicinity, we can reach you wherever you are! If you’re in a jam we’re at your service, give us a call and we’ll get you out of it, and in your home.

So don’t ask: Is there a locksmith near me?
Call us at (201) 613-2700 and our local locksmith mobile is on its way to assist you.

24 hours emergency locksmith

Anytime anywhere – We’ve got you covered. all just a phone call away (210) 613-2700.

24 hours emergency locksmith service

We at American Star Locksmith service provide emergency locksmith service for all your possible locksmith needs, if you need your door unlocked, your broken key retrieved or copied, or your car door unlocked – we’ll sort you out and get you inside again.

24 hours emergency locksmith near me

We Believe in fast service, which is why American Star Locksmith is spread out in Freehold, Marlboro, Rumson, Red Bank and the vicinity, so we can to get to you back in your home as fast as possible, with a professional service.

Pop a lock

If you have an intractable lock that has pestered you constantly and now has decided to finally call it quits  – we can pop him open and even replace him.

All done promptly and professionally – American Star Locksmith is your friend. Call (210) 613-2700 for a prompt popped lock.

Car keys locked in car

Don’t feel ashamed those “brain farts” happen to everybody, leaving your keys in the ignition is the most common location.

But cars manufacturers has a “open trunk only” feature on the key fob for quite sometime – getting your keys stuck there is not uncommon.

Weather it’s in the trunk, the ignition or somehow in the glove compartment – all you need is to call (210) 613-2700 and you are our next stop!

Locked keys in house

Auto lock features are not for cars only, leaving your keys behind is a common issue.

And if you ask us – it’s better than leaving your house unsecure if you forget to lock your door.

In that case, we offer locksmith services for your home and garden as well.

So if your keys have been left behind – American Star Locksmith is how you get them back – call (210) 613-2700 for more info!

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