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Need to change a lock in your business? We can replace it on the spot! any door, any lock.
Many local businesses have already chosen – if you need a locksmith, you call (201) 613-2700!

Commercial Door Lock Cylinder Barrel Replace

Commercial Lock Replacement

A door lock cylinder replacement in your business is not a problem with the right locksmith.

You need a reliable locksmith, with kind service and professional touch.

We believe we are the right choice for you but don’t take our word for it, many businesses already chose us as their service provider.

Retail stores, medical offices, commercial spaces, warehouses, and educational facilities are calm when facing a lock-related emergency since they know exactly who to call.

Our expertise and reliability are just a few reasons that factor into the decision-making process when choosing a locksmith.

Commercial Deadbolt Locks – Replace or Repair

We can replace more than just your ordinary barrel lock, deadbolts are not out of the question.

A deadbolt is a great option to keep your door safe!

The inability to bust the door open, punch in the cylinder, or even open without a physical key – a deadbolt is always considered the safest bet.

But when it fails and it becomes next to impossible to open, gets jammed, or simply is very loose – the safe bet now is to call a locksmith.

We can repair, replace or even upgrade you to a newer, safer, and more resilient deadbolt.

If you need to replace that deadbolt, you are a simple call away from a new one, installed professionally.

A professional locksmith at your disposal – Call (201) 613-2700 for additional info!

Biometric Door Lock Commercial

Replacement can also be an upgrade, and a smart lock is the best upgrade available!

A smart lock can help you manage the flow of people in and out of your home, a delivery guy, the pool guy, the kids, and the babysitter – can all get in with a single-use entry code, or a biometric print.

We professionally install smart locks with extra care to the exterior of your door.

Commercial Door Lock Repair

Sometimes a door lock change is like using a hammer to type, you can and should make do with a lot less.

For some locks, you have to seriously wiggle the key to finally open, but this can be easily fixed with a simple adjustment to the lock’s internal pins.

Other locks simply have a broken key inside of them, and removing that key and duplicating another could easily be a fairer solution.

In any case, a lock repair is one of our specialties, we strongly believe a change in locks is not a constant necessity.

American Star Locksmith – The best 24-hour locksmith in New Jersey.
Need a lock change? Would you rather simply fix your existing lock? Call (201) 613-2700 and get expert advice!


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