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Any locksmith service in South Orange NJ – from your home to your car we solve it all.
For additional info and pricing please call (201) 613-2700 we’d be happy to help!

Locksmith South Orange NJ

Locksmith South Orange

We offer a professional locksmith service that suits your every need, from a busted door lock, to a complex access control system for your business. We can handle it all.

Our services are offered for businesses and individuals alike and can support both regular door locks, car door and trunk locks, and safes and safe deposit boxes.

All around Flood’s Hill people are enjoying our services and gaining the safety and security our locks and systems provide to the beautiful people of South Orange.

In a nutshell, if you need anything lock-related, you need us.

We stretch to the other “oranges” and go to:

Feel free to contact us with any issue, we are happy to help!

For additional info and pricing please call (201) 613-2700 we’d be happy to help!

Residential Locksmith Services in South Orange NJ

We offer commercial services as well, but in South Orange – we really bloom in the residential market.

Our locksmiths can offer you a professional door lock change for a cylinder lock, a deadbolt lock, and additional locks you can find around your home. Including padlocks.

Any Door in Your Home

Storm Door Lock Change

Our experienced technicians are familiar with any storm door and screen door in the market.

Including delicate work with glass doors or doors with large glass windows.
A storm door is always a great addition to your home but with an additional lock attached – this can also cause issues.

This is exactly where we come in play!

For Replace Screen Door Lock Cylinder Call us for info and pricing.

Post-Move-In Lock Change

Have you just moved in? Congrats! Make sure you replace all the locks in your new home.

An old disgruntled tenant or a sketchy home owner can try getting in for malicious purposes.

Better be on the safe side and get that lock replaced.

Our technicians have a variety of locks on hand to replace your current one or a set of rekeying tools to at the very least change the key.

Our variety of locks differs in their price point and security level, so you can balance your security and your budget easily on-site.

Automotive Locksmith Services in South Orange

Our locksmiths have experience with cars as well as doors and safes.

We work on most major car brands in the area including Ford, Toyota, Chevrolet and more.

We can copy your key, unlock your car for you or unlock the trunk if you’ve just left your keys in it.

We don’t work with exotic or German made cars.

For additional info and pricing please call (201) 613-2700 we’d be happy to help!


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