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Locked out and in need of a Locksmith in Englewood NJ? it’s easy with our incredibly professional team at American Star Locksmith.

No matter where you are or where you’re from, Flat-Rock Nature Center all the way to Knickerbocker Country Club, American Star Locksmith is the locksmith for you! Any and all locksmith needs, Residential lockout service, Emergency locksmith service, Commercial locksmith service​ and more!

Contact us at American Star Locksmith for a better locksmith, with better service – Call (201) 613-2700 and we’re on our way!

We’ve provided locksmith service around Mackay Park for quite some time, with teams operating all around the area. And with over 10 years of locksmith experience we are the obvious choice, but don’t listen to us, see our previous work all with happy customers.

We are experienced with all types of locksmith issues, from installing a new deadbolt on a residential entry door, to adding panic bars to emergency exit doors, we even do the small stuff such as key copying or lock rekeying.

We operate in commercial buildings, private residential homes and businesses, everything you need and with a professional, fast and reliable service, everyone knows – if you’re looking for a locksmith in Englewood – American Star Locksmith is the obvious choice for you.

Whether you are asking about a lock in need of a rekey or for a new deadbolt to be installed, American Star Locksmith is your answer – call (201) 613-2700  for details and fast service!


Emergency locksmith in Englewood NJ

mobile locksmith

Did you get locked out? Our teams operate in the Englewood area 24 hours 7 days a week, make sure not to panic, and try to avoid any “online remedies” such as WD40 or swiping your much needed credit card through. You may cause some irreversible damage to either your lock or card, and you’ll end up locked out, in need of a new lock and without a way to pay for it.

The smart solution is to get on the phone and call a professional locksmith. A professional knows what solutions work and what solutions doesn’t, he knows how to operate professional tools much needed to get your lock open without any long-term damage.

With our professional team circling around Mackay Park you can rest assured we can get to you ASAP, and with our mobile units ALL the necessary equipment to get your issue resolved is available at the ready. No need for unnecessary callbacks, we got you covered then and there so you can receive the best Bergan County locksmith service in the whole county!


Does American Star Locksmith Englewood NJ operate under a NJ license?

Yes, American Star Locksmith Englewood NJ holds a NJ License Bonded and Insured #: 34LX00020100

What payment method is accepted at American Star Locksmith?

We at American Star Locksmith Englewood NJ accept payment using a variety of credit cards for your convenience.

Is it worth calling a professional locksmith to install a deadbolt for residential entry doors?

If you have the necessary knowhow and tools you may be able to install it yourself.

We at American Star Locksmith Englewood NJ believe that we can save you time and also prevent you from causing damage to your door. As well as preventing other adjustment problems typical of non-professional installations of deadbolt for residential entry doors.

Does lock replacement require identification?

You can change a lock by yourself with no identification at all… But to have a professional lock change done by American Star Locksmith Englewood NJ you do need proof of identity and ownership.

You are usually required to identify yourself with a valid ID with a photo such as a driver’s license as well as show a document to prove ownership of the place with a bill bearing your name.

Is it advisable to change the lock if I lost the keys?

A man’s house is his castle. We at American Star Locksmith Englewood NJ believe that the house should be protected from unauthorized entry by the best means available to you.

You never know who holds your keys and what their intentions are, so it is recommended to replace the cylinder or replace the entire lock as soon as possible.

Can a locksmith open a locked door without causing damage?

Yes, we at American Star Locksmith Englewood NJ have the experience, knowhow and the necessary means, to successfully handle the challenge of opening most types of locks without causing any damage

Whatever you need – solving it starts with a call to (201) 613-2700  and our mobile locksmith unit is headed your way to solve anything – anytime!

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