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Need a locksmith near the Jackson Township? We’ve got you.
Ultra-fast response times, stellar service. For any questions – Call (201) 613-2700.

locksmith near jackson nj

Locksmith Near Jackson NJ

Our services go far and wide, but Jackson is close to home and is always a priority for us!

We have a locksmith right by Jackson at all times, so we can be right at your doorstep in next to no time.

While most of our customers ask for a lockout service, we do offer many other services.

Locksmith Services in Jackson, New Jersey

Lockout Service In Jackson, 11372

We offer speedy lockout service in Jackson.

With locksmiths all around, and with Mobile Locksmith Units on the go right by Jackson – we can offer you a 25 minute response time.

Furthermore, we understand the best locksmith is the available one.

This is why we offer our services to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Holidays are included!

Additional locations in your area:

Car Lockout Service

We offer our services to many car models as well.

So if you’ve left your keys in the truck, or your car auto-locked you outside – we can help.

To check if your car model is applicable – just call us!

So whether you’re stuck outside your home or car, we’re your best bet.

Call us at (201) 613-2700 we’d be happy to be of service any time!

Door Lock Change

Just moved in?

You probably need to change that old lock!

Changing your lock does not mean you change the whole locking mechanism on your door, but just the cylinder lock inside.

This allows you to have a fresh lock with a different key, without breaking the bank.

We can change the cylinder lock on your main door, screen door, storm door, patio door – whichever!

All you need to do is give us a call. And you’ll get a brand new lock in no time!

American Star Locksmith – The best 24-hour locksmith in New Jersey.

Commercial Locksmith Service in Jackson NJ

Businesses in and around Jackson, Freehold, Monroe, and more are already enjoying the services we offer to businesses statewide.

24 Hour Locksmith

Stuck out? Stuck in? Whichever it is we’re coming!

Our services are offered to businesses 24 hours as well.

A good money-making business can’t stay closed for long, alternatively, if you can’t close it up – you’re also in a jam.

Whichever it is – we can help.

Intercom Installation

Can’t be bothered to go open the door again and again?

We can install the intercom office-wide and assist in your walk-ins and access control.

We only use the best products and have a variety for you to choose from.

Wanna know more? Need an estimate before you go?


Can locksmith Jackson NJ open a locked door if the key is lost?

Yes absolutely, we at American Star locksmith Jackson NJ have a lot of experience in opening a locked door without causing damage to the door and frame.
An experienced locksmith will always come to you with all the tools required to open a locked door by non-destructive means.

Is it recommended that I change the lock in case I lose the key?

Your key may not necessarily be found by someone with housebreaking tendencies… But it’s better to be safe than sorry.
Therefore we at American Star Locksmith NJ recommend changing the lock in these cases.

Changing the lock or rekey, what is recommended by American Star locksmith Jackson NJ?

Depending on the condition of the lock and its type, we will recommend a lock change or rekeying, in any case we at Jackson NJ Locksmith always recommend choosing the safer side for you.

Therefore, the answer will be professional but different and appropriate, to the condition of each customer’s lock.

Is it worth it calling an emergency locksmith Jackson NJ?

By definition in most situations of emergency locksmithing, a self-solution is not available and a professional approach is required.

Calling a professional emergency locksmith service, guarantees you that he comes with all the professional tools and means.

And above all the knowhow and experience in order to provide you with the best solution as quickly as possible.

Does American Star locksmith Jackson NJ operate under a license?

Yes, we operate solely under NJ License Bonded and Insured #: 34LX00020100, as required.

Call us at (201) 613-2700 and we’d be happy to answer any and all questions.

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