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Door Lock Change

A lock change can be either a preemptive measure, an upgrade, or post a lockout event.
We replace or repair door locks, of all types and models.

If your lock needs a freshen up – call us up! Our number is (201) 613-2700 and get an estimate today!

Our recommendation is – if your lock seems a bit off, it may be time to replace it.
This can save you precious time if it randomly fails, which they tend to do.

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Why Get a Door Lock Replacement As a Preemptive Measure?

It does seem counterintuitive. I mean, why fix something that isn’t broken?
Well, that’s a thought many people experience in their decision-making process, some of them even give it half a second before they carry on with the day’s troubles.

But here’s the thing, if your lock feels kind of jittery a month ago, and a bit rough now – most likely you’d get locked out in the upcoming months.

This is highly likely in places that are exposed to the element or are in active use, which usually refers to the front door since you need to unlock the door every time you enter your house and lock it once you’re in or as soon as you leave.

The repetitive opening and closing of the lock automatically meant wear and tear, this is a nonissue most of the time, but the problem resides in the unforeseen events to come.

American Star Locksmiths can change your lock with no fuss – call (201) 613-2700  for additional details!

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Just some of our service areas:

Front Door Lock Replacement

If you’ve found yourself saying “I need to change my front door locks” you’ve made it to the right place.

We change all types of locks on any type of door, including security doors (more below).

No, it’s not a hassle at all, a door lock cylinder replacement runs in our blood.

once you call us it’s a matter of mere moments before you can celebrate with your new house keys!

Security Door Lock Replacement

We repair, maintain or replace locks to every security door with any lockout there.

As you know, a security door is a very helpful security measure.

It sets the second layer of security while allowing you to interact with the outside world.

It is useless however when you allow it to stay open due to a busted lock.

With a busted lock, it’s not really a security door, it’s more like an extra decorative step on your way home.


A Lock Change or a New Gig?

Let us paint you a picture, you are headed out to a meeting that can and probably will save your job, you just finished getting ready, and you look sharp and ready.

As soon as you leave your house and try to lock your door, the key is stuck inside, it doesn’t make sense. every time it did you were able to wiggle it a bit and pull it out. But now it doesn’t.

And you’re faced with a dilemma, you either leave for your meeting – leaving your door unlocked with a key out for anybody to come in and take anything.

Alternatively, call up the office and tell them you probably won’t be able to make it, cause you have to sit around and wait for the locksmith to arrive.

American Star Locksmith – the best 24-hour locksmith in New Jersey.

Our Mobile Locksmith Unit might be closer than you think! Call (201) 613-2700  and check how long till we get to your door!

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