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Let’s start buzzing people in. Intercom system installations for home and business.
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Buzzer, audio, and video-based intercoms are available.
Repair service or replacement service available.

Intercom installation

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Intercom System Installation

We have been installing intercom systems in businesses and private residences for over a decade now, and have gathered professional knowledge and expertise like no other.

Our professional team of locksmiths can install an intercom on any door, whether it’s made of wood, glass, or metal – the technique is different but the mechanism stays the same.

It is advisable when installing an intercom system to add a pneumatic door closer if you don’t already have one.

If you buzz someone in – you don’t want the whole building to have access to your office/home just because someone forgot to close the door, or even if they just haven’t closed it all the way through.

When I was looking for intercom system installers near me years ago, the one I found didn’t recommend a door closer, and the door was kept open almost throughout the whole day.

So we definitely recommend it.

Business buzzer installation

We install, repair, and replace buzzer systems at businesses of all sizes.

Installing a buzzer system for a business or an office is so common it’s almost expected by the clients.

Buzzing someone in is a common expression for a reason, it’s easy, convenient, and secure.

Medical offices, educational facilities, commercial spaces, warehouses, and more have already entrusted us with their locksmith needs and ended up happy as a clam.

We also provide intercom repair service so you won’t be left out if an issue pops up.

Our services are available for you 24 hours a day, so if your intercom is jammed or misbehaves you can count on us any time of day.

Intercom installation

Door Buzzer Installation

Our door buzzer installation service is available to you anytime and is done by our professional crew at any location we offer.

Installing a door buzzer system includes the installation of the locking mechanism itself, the doorbell, and the unlocking button which can be installed in the wall or on a keychain.

When we install door buzzer systems we always assure customer satisfaction.

You tell us what you need and we’ll make sure you get the best system offered promptly

Though of course, you can choose an intercom system yourself based on your budget and needs, and when we install it you can choose where everything will be set up. You can even choose how loud the buzzer beep will be.

A custom job for your convenience.

Need to know more? Our kind representatives would be happy to answer any and all of your questions.

Call us at (201) 613-2700 and we’d be happy to help on any issue.

Home Intercom Installation

Installing an intercom system is not just for businesses and offices.

We offer intercom installation, replacement, or repair in private residences and apartment buildings to private and commercial customers.

Video Intercom System Installation

Apartment Intercom

If your apartment has an old intercom that you wish to repair or replace – we got you.

We can install a simple apartment intercom system with door release or a new video intercom system for apartments at any of the apartment buildings in the area.

Install Ring Doorbell With Intercom

The traditional intercom system has brought our lives a lot more security where we can choose who enters our home or even our hallway.

It is not uncommon for delinquent people to try and gain access to the building to achieve a variety of malicious goals.

Video Intercom System Installation

Video door phone installation is a big step up from your traditional audio-based buzzer systems.

With a video door phone, you can get quite literally a clearer image of who’s coming to visit.

This is especially important with delivery services and unknown visitors.

When you get an image, it’s easier to tell whether the delivery is an expected one or god forbid one with malintent.

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