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Need extra security? We install high security systems and locks in every location in NJ!
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How to Install High-Security Front Door Locks

To install a high-security lock in your front door you need to think through a few steps:

  1. Make sure you really need a high-security lock.

    If you feel like splurging – go right ahead! But not every house needs a high-security lock, but if you live in a bad neighborhood or have expensive goods in your home – you might need to go shopping.

  2. Choose a model you absolutely love.

    High-security locks can come in many varieties – you can opt for a classic high-security lock or use the newer high-tech smart locks which are a great option.
    If you’re not sure what to get – feel free to call us! We’d be happy to help.

  3. Call a locksmith to install your lock.

    This is the simple one – just call a locksmith to properly install your lock!
    We can also help on that one – call us at (201) 613-2700 – we’re happy to help.

Enjoy the feeling of being safe in your own home.

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When Should You Add a High-Security Door Lock?

Adding a high-security door lock is a great option to help increase you and your family’s sense of security in your home.

Knowing when to add a high-security lock is usually a no-brainer.

After a break-in in the neighborhood or god forbid – in your own home, everyone can get a little rattled.

Adding a high-security lock to your front door can help alleviate some of that stress.

Where Can You Install a High-Security Lock?

You can add security to basically any part of your home.

If you live in an apartment building on a lower level, you can add one to your windows and front door.

If you live in a private house with valuables in your garden – you might want to add a better lock to your gate as well.

You can also add additional patio door security in many ways, get in touch with us for more.

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How to Choose a High-Security Lock

Adding additional security to your home or business is always a good option.

You need to remember that security is before anything else, mainly a cost-to-benefit ratio.

If you want you can add a CCTV security system or a guard, but the costs go way up.

Choose a lock that’s in your price range, in accordance with your neighborhood’s crime rate.

View the selection of locks in the hardware store near you to get a sense of the prices or call a locksmith for some expert advice on what best suits your needs.

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