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Whether you have a pivoting, sliding, or a simple hinged screen door – we replace cylinder locks with any screen door!
With over 10 years of experience, we can handle it all!
Professional work, affordable prices, and a customer-first mindset – Call (201) 613-2700 today!

Replace Screen Door Lock Cylinder

Screen Door Lock Replacement

We can replace your screen door lock in no time!
Licensed, bonded, and insured – we can replace, repair or maintain any lock in the business.

And with the screen door – your first layer of defense, and the centerpiece of your house entrance – a good lock is always a smart option.

Screen doors as you know can help you prevent entry for more than just dust and debris.

Stray animals, intoxicated neighbors, or people with malintent can be stopped with a strong enough screen door lock.

It goes without saying that if your main door is either old and flimsy or on the contrary extremely fancy – an added layer of security isn’t a bad idea.

So if your screen door lock is stuck, damaged, or simply outdated – we can most certainly help you gain your sense of security back.

To schedule your service – Call (201) 613-2700 and our trusted locksmiths would get to you promptly!

Added Security for Your Screen Door

Changing a screen door lock doesn’t have to be due to a damaged lock, it could be a good idea just the same as a normal door lock cylinder replacement.

A new lock or an added lock such as a deadbolt can bring a fresh sense of security to your home.

While a standard lock might be good enough, some care for an additional layer of security.

And we can add any type of security for your screen door. From a simple new lock to a whole new door.

Screen Door Electronic Lock

An electronic door lock is one of the latest and greatest fads in a while.

We install a variety of smart locks professionally and with care, a quality installment with extra care for your door’s look and feel.

A good E-lock or a smart lock can help manage the flow of people in your home.

Letting the postman in with a single-use passcode, or providing a special code for the babysitter to get in and out as she pleased – but be notified when she does!

And this is just the beginning, so many features can be added when using a smart lock!

The door can be unlocked automatically once you get to the door, remotely locking the door if you or your forgetful significant other forgot to lock the door on their way out and of course the immense upside of never forgetting your keys again is most definitely a plus!

Screen Door Handle With Deadbolt

While an electronic lock is definitely an upside – some people still like a good old-fashioned lock.

And we can definitely assist, or even just give you expert advice.

Adding a deadbolt to your screen door is definitely a good option, and we got a variety for you to choose from!

We have Schlage, Yale, Kwikset, and many more for you to choose from!

American Star Locksmith – The best 24-hour locksmith in New Jersey.

How Can You Replace Your Screen Door Lock?

How To Replace Screen Door Lock:

1. Remove the protective cover plate.
2. Open the screw securing the lock.
3. Insert the key and use it to remove the cylinder.
4. Secure the new cylinder lock in place. And that’s it!
5. Know your limits! Ask for assistance if you get stuck, avoid dangerous methods.

Call us at (201) 613-2700 – our representatives are eager to help!


Can I just replace the Screen Door cylinder lock?

Yes, you can replace a screen door cylinder yourself and it only requires a few simple tools, found in most homes.

However, it is worth noting that if you found an identical cylinder, no difficulty is expected…
But when it comes to an old screen door or a special cylinder, there can be problems of adjustment and compatibility after the replacement.

Are all Screen Door lock cylinders the same?

Most screen door’s cylinders can be similar in general appearance, but sometimes the small differences can be significant when you want to change a cylinder for a screen door.
Whether the type of cylinder barrel is different, the thickness or depth of the door itself is different, you may encounter a mismatch during the re-installation phase of the new cylinder.

You can try to replace a screen door cylinder yourself but if you encounter a complication or difficulty contact us at (201)613-2700, American Star Locksmith is available 24 hours a day.

Can you replace a Screen Door lock and keep the same key?

Yes, you can continue to use the same key after changing the cylinder, provided that rekeying has been performed.

In most cases rekeying can be done, but certain cylinders may pose a challenge to rekeying.
A professional locksmith will be able to give you the most suitable solution in order to continue using the same keys.

Can I get a Screen Door lock made to match my keys?

Yes, most common cylinders and locks allow an experienced and knowledgeable locksmith to perform rekeying. Rekeying can be a challenging task even if you have the rekey kit.

It is worthwhile and important when you order a locksmith, to note that you need a lock replacement for a screen door including rekeying, which is a complex and longer installation process.

Can I drill out a screen door lock cylinder?

Yes, you can drill a cylinder by yourself but you must use special metal drills (cobalt, carbide or titanium).

It is also good to know that performing this locksmith task requires some mechanical experience and preferably also some practical knowledge.

In order to avoid causing damage to the locking mechanism itself and even damage to the door.


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