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We unlock, repair and maintain all types of mailboxes! And specialize in commercial settings.
A locksmith you can rely on. Call (201) 613-2700 and get your mail back today!

Mailboxes for office buildings

Some of Our Mailbox Locksmith Services:

We have been providing mailbox locksmith services in New Jersey and the area for over a decade, and are trusted by many businesses in the area to care and maintain their security affairs.

When it gets to mailboxes – we provide a complete service!mailbox-locksmith

Mailbox Lockout Service
Mailbox Lock Fix.
Mailbox Maintenance.
Commercial Mailbox Service.
Mailbox Lock Replace – New Improved Locks Available Now!
Mailbox Installs.
Mailbox Lock Rekey.
Release Stuck Key in Mailbox.
Emergency Response Times.
And SO Much More…

Commercial Mailbox Locks

We can handle any kind of mailbox, though commercial mailbox is usually not that different from a residential one.

It sometimes resides within a building, or extra large in size. But usually with different mail inside, often more important.

We offer a fully comprehensive locksmith service for mailboxes in different sizes and security levels.

Commercial Locking Mailbox

Despite the fact that tampering with mail is a federal offence, commercial mailboxes are sometimes the target for vandalism, theft or even low-key business espionage.

And even though mail doesn’t usually contain sensitive information, you’d be surprised what can be learned from it.

Knowing which suppliers a business uses (brands, use extent and prices), government affairs and issues, fines or invoices, etc can really help a competing agency.

A lot of businesses use commercial locking mailboxes for this exact reason, some say it’s overkill, some say it’s not enough.

Many newly built commercial buildings now place the mailbox in the lobby for additional security.

American Star Locksmith – the best mailbox locksmith in New Jersey.

A locksmith you can rely on. Call (201) 613-2700 and get your mail back today!

Commercial Mailbox Key Copy

We offer commercial locksmith service for any affair you need!

When it gets to key coping, our recommendation is to go to the closest hardware store near you.

This will be your best option, price-wise.

Lost Mailbox Key

If you lost your mailbox keys, you might want to get yourself a new lock altogether.

The main issue with key loss is you never know who it ended up with.

We offer a variety of locks, including mailbox locks for any mailbox!

A locksmith you can rely on. Call (201) 613-2700 and get your mail back today!

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