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Need your deadbolt replaced? You’re in the right place.
Choose from a large variety of deadbolts to replace your old one with.
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Deadbolt Replacement

Deadbolts often tire and need to be replaced with new ones, this happens due to normal wear and tear, or due to a recent break-in attempt.

While we do have a jimmy-proof deadbolt, it doesn’t mean the burglar won’t try and damage your lock some other way.

Jimmy Proof Deadbolts

And more often than not, a burglar would be frustrated and may come back for another try with better equipment.

So if you do need to replace a deadbolt lock with a new one after a break-in attempt, we’d recommend replacing it with a better one as well.

Can We Install Deadbolts on Any Door?

Yes, our locksmiths are well trained and heavily experienced with all types of doors and can install deadbolts on any door including front doors, french doors, glass doors storm doors and more.

For additional info please call (201) 613-2700 we’d be happy to help.

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Why Use a Deadbolt Rather Than a Normal Lock?

Any lock is usually comprised of the cylinder lock and a bolt, the lock once engaged placed the bolt in the groove of the door frame, which prevents the door from opening.

Old locks used to have a spring-loaded mechanism which helped burglars open the bolt without going through the cylinder locking mechanism.

Some bolts are latch bolts, which after some wear and tear or some wiggling could be opened with any credit card.

Basically, a way to open your door without needing a key.

Contrary to other locks and bolts, a lock with a deadbolt has a locking mechanism that prevents the opening of the bolt without first going through the lock.

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