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Need to add a deadbolt to your door? We’ve got you!
Over a decade of experience with all types of doors and locks in the area.
Call (201) 613-2700 with any questions or to schedule a locksmith to your door now.

Replace Door Lock With Deadbolt

Deadbolt Replace, Repair, or Install

With American Star Locksmith you can get any service related to your deadbolt.

You can add a deadbolt to an existing lock to add more security to your door.

Or you can get your old deadbolt repaired or replaced. This sometimes is an unfortunate necessity, but a much-needed one.

Replace Deadbolt Lock

When moving into a new home, if you lost your keys, or right after a break-in. It’s a smart idea to change the lock on that deadbolt.

When you choose us, you get a quality service with extra fast arrival times.

Our selection of deadbolts is vast and consists of the best brand in the business.

A fine selection of Yale, Kwikset, Schlage, and other best-in-the-business brands are all to your choosing.

Need to replace deadbolt lock? Call (201) 613-2700 and select the brand of your choosing. It can be yours in 25 minutes.

Changing to a Deadbolt Lock

When you get a door lock cylinder replacement and choose a deadbolt you gain a lot.

You gain the ability to stay calm while going out to work or when going to a hangout.

You gain the sense of security to sleep at your home without the chance of stray delinquents getting in your home.

But some might say the best thing about getting a deadbolt is that locking sound.

The sound of the bolt ramming into the side of the door assuring you – that door is firmly locked shut.

If this is your first time getting a deadbolt you should know, using an old lock on your door is quite hazardous, a regular bolt can be swiftly opened with the slide of a card, due to the use of a spring mechanism.

However a deadbolt is quite literally a DEAD-BOLT, meaning it’s dead in place, you can’t move it unless you use the cylinder lock incorporated in it.

This is why deadbolts gained such a brand name, it’s such a small change but with such a big difference.

Deadbolt Repair or Cylinder Lock Replacement

Change Cylinder in Deadbolt

Once you have a solid deadbolt in place, you don’t need to change it (in cases such as moving to a new home), you can just replace the cylinder lock within it.

Some deadbolts use a very specific deadbolt which can be a problem when fitting a new cylinder lock without a locksmith, and some offer the use of a standard cylinder lock which offers a more “open” deadbolt cylinder replacement.

Deadbolt Latch Replacement

Some deadbolts come as a single unit, deadbolt and lock only, some companies offer a set, with a deadbolt lock and a spring-loaded latch door handle.

The latch on the door handle and the bolt of the lock can both get misaligned or wear out.

Our professional locksmith staff has seen any issue with any lock, including misaligned latched, broken latches, and broken strike plates.

If your lock is worn out and needs a pick-me-up, call us and get services today.

Call (201) 613-2700 with any questions or to schedule a locksmith to your door now.

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