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Forgot the keys to your storage unit?
We pick, repair, rekey or cut off the old lock – FAST & EASY. Call (201) 613-2700 for more information.
In this article, you’ll find FREE PRO LOCKSMITH TIPS on how to keep your storage unit safe!


Storage Unit Lock Out

Storage Lockout

If you’ve ended up here you must be standing in front of your storage unit overhead door contemplating where you put those darn keys.

Well, we’re here to tell you – it doesn’t matter.

The amount of time you’ll probably waste on looking for that key is simply put – a waste of your time.

A professional locksmith has the necessary tools and knowledge to pick or cut the lock off that door and get you back with your belongings.

Going back home, messing about for hours with a slim chance to find that one key is useless.

We have the best storage unit locks on hand and can replace the existing one in mere moments.

If you’re locked out of your storage unit – our mobile locksmith unit can meet you there in no time.

If you need a hasp lockout – we can help with that one too.

To immediately dispatch the closest unit your way – Call (201) 613-2700 – we’ll be right there!


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Public Storage Lock Removal

Many people ask “Can I cut the lock off my storage unit” and you’d usually think it’s a no-brainer.

But in fact, many storage unit companies prohibit the tenant from removing the lock off the storage unit themselves.

While most people think this is outrageous – there are actually good reasons to prohibit it.

Without the key, removing the lock is no child’s play – it’s a dangerous and skillful act to be performed by professionals only.

Using a disk for an instance is a skill that some say takes a lot of experience to safely operate.

For instance, you can’t EVER let go of it while connected to the power, and PPE is a must!

Our trained professionals can open your lock with steady, professional, and skilled hands and get your belongings back to you promptly.

Why wait any longer? A lost key is rarely ever found at the right time.

Call us at (201) 613-2700 and get a locksmith head your way quickly!

Cylinder Lock for Public Storage Unit

You can install a cylinder lock for your storage unit, and some even come equipped with a standard cylinder lock built-in.

However, a cylinder lock isn’t very different from a padlock, if you forget your key – you need a locksmith. And this time a disk isn’t even an option.

As locksmiths we know how to pick any lockout there, padlocks included if you don’t feel like buying a new one.

Picking a lock is one of our expertise in rekeying, installing, removing, adding, or anything you can possibly think of!

If your public storage unit has a cylinder lock that you need to be opened, or it has a padlock you want to replace with a cylinder lock just like your door at home – you’ve made it to the right place.

American Star Locksmith – the best 24-hour locksmith in New Jersey.

Call us for a free consultation (201) 613-2700 – we’d be happy to be of service!

storage lock removal

Pro Tips: Keeping Your Storage Unit Safe!

You never know how much you loved something until it’s gone – don’t let people steal your things!

We like to think of securing a storage unit in two different parts, a before and after so to speak.

So without further ado let’s get to it!

Before Choosing a Storage Company:

Choosing a good storage company is the basis of your security.

Choose a storage company that cares about the security of the property, with good security features such as:

  • A good surveillance system
  • Secure indoor storage
  • Employee Background Checks

Make sure you choose the right company that is both nearby and secure!

After Choosing

After you chose your storage company, you might want to add on some security measures yourself. You can never be too sure.

1. Purchase a Good Lock

Verify the strength of the storage door hasps.
Purchase a heavy-duty lock with a secure mechanism, and keep that key from other people!

A good lock is only as good as the key-keeper.

2. Add a Storage Unit Deadbolt

Or a keypad or any other security measure that helps keep your mind at ease.

Additional security is never a bad idea.

3. Keep a Well Documented Inventory

No one has a perfect memory – if your storage unit caught fire or got vacated by delinquents – you need to know what you’ve lost.

Whether it’s old memories, beloved furniture, or even your own special Christmas day decorations. Everything is meaningful.

And that gets us to the last tip:

4. Purchase Good Insurance

Even if you don’t think you need to – insurance is always a good idea.

Also, make sure you don’t put anything your insurance won’t cover, cash or valuables are usually not covered.

Whether you’re locked out or need to add some security to your storage unit – we got you!

Licensed, bonded, and insured – Call us at Call (201) 613-2700 for more info.



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