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You came home after a long-long day, needing your daily rest – but alas, YOU FORGOT YOUR KEYS.

Don’t worry we will get you through this, with our Emergency House Lockout service we will get you snoring on your couch in no time!

Don’t ask: Is there a locksmith near me?
So Let’s get you back home, Call us at (201) 613-2700 and our local locksmith mobile is on its way to assist you.

We provide expert residential lockout service all over New Jersey. That meant we can open any type of locks, Knob locks, Mortise locks, Rim locks, European Cylinder locks, cam locks, deadbolt locks… well basically – any type of lock! With your lock and our tools, we’ll get you back home in no time.

Getting locked out is a bummer, sure. But we can turn it around with our fast and amazing Emergency House Lockout service! With our incredible reach all from Freehold to Marlboro, Rumson, Red Bank, and the vicinity, wherever you are – we’ll come for your rescue.

Emergency Door Lock Repair

Not every time you need a brand new lock, sometimes you can keep your old lock, and will save you the frustration of replacing your keys on all your keychains.

We provide Knob lock repair, Mortise lock repair, Rim lock repair, European Cylinder lock repair, Cam lock repair, deadbolt lock repair, and many more! Call us up and we’ll get that lock up and locking once again!

Did you come home late at night, trying and trying to open the door, but the lock is jammed for some reason, so jammed your key broke in it and you can’t get it out now. It’s a crying shame, but it’s not the end of the world.

Because American Star Locksmiths are here for you, we can repair that lock easy peasy lemon squeezy, and get you warm, cozy, and indoors again.

You don’t need to do anything, just call us up, and lay back while we fix and open up that unopenable door. Because with American star Locksmith, nothing is unopenable.

American Star Locksmith – The best 24-hour locksmith in New Jersey.

So don’t ask: Is there a locksmith near me?
Call us at (201) 613-2700 and our local locksmith mobile is on its way to assist you.

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