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Locked out of your business? Is your pickup truck locked and you can’t get it? not a problem!
Don’t keep customers waiting! Call (201) 613-2700 and we’ll be right there!

Commercial lockout locksmith

Emergency Commercial Lockout Services

Getting locked out of your own business can be stressful.

And many businesses agree with you, the stress of a lockout is high but simply doesn’t warrant the sheer amount of it.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your business front, back, car, or truck – getting locked out is never fun.

This is why plenty of medical offices, retail stores, commercial spaces, educational facilities, and more all have our number saved locked, and loaded.

So instead of stressing out – they call us up!

With our fast response times, you wouldn’t even break a sweat.

American Star Locksmith – The best emergency commercial locksmith service locksmith in New Jersey.
Call (201) 613-2700 and get back inside promptly and professionally.

Master Commercial Lock

A master key or a master lock is a known business need.

If you need one key to rule them all, or one lock to be opened by many – you need a master.

This is most common in educational facilities, commercial spaces, hotels, motels, and more!

Commercial Truck Locksmith

Got locked out of your truck in New Jersey?

We unlock any truck lockout there! Anything from a semi to a pickup, a van, or anything else!

Truck doors, commercial locks in the trailer \ cargo, truck bed toolboxes, and more!

If your truck is keeping you out – we’ve got your way back in.

Commercial Door Lock Replacement

Sometimes a lockout can mean a new lock, a commercial door lock replacement is not out of the question!

It’s nice to get a brand new key, it also means you get a few years of silence from lock-related issues.

And if you feel like it – an upgrade is never out of the question.

Security Door Locks for Business

A high-security door lock is a very good option – especially for a business.

A business can contain large amounts of cash, sensitive documents, and files or proprietary technologies that need to be protected.

Various ways of entry are always available for a thief, an opportunistic petty thief might go for a smash and grab method.

But a more sophisticated thief might attempt a power tool break-in, which ordinary locks simply can’t handle.

A simple drill can cause massive damage to a normal lock, which is why you need a reinforced high-security lock to defend against these types of attacks.

We have on hand most major high-security locks! Multi-Lock, Medeco, Yale, Corbin Russwin, Assa Abloy, Abus, Kaba, and more!

To install a high-security lock for your commercial door, Call (201) 613-2700 and get your appraisal today!

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