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Using a commercial lock is a wise decision, but when it isn’t, for example when it gets stuck – you can always count on your trusted locksmith to come to the rescue.

American Star Locksmith can help – Call us at (201) 613-2700 and get your estimate ASAP!


Commercial Locksmith Services

Receiving service from a locksmith can sometimes be frustrating. We aim to change that.

We believe a true locksmith, or any business for that matter, needs to find the balance between professional service and kind service.

We trust you’ll find that balance here, the locksmith of choice for many other businesses.

We are trusted by retail stores, medical offices, commercial spaces, warehouses, and educational facilities to keep the business open even if the front door isn’t.

Commercial Lock Replacement

Replacing a lock shouldn’t need to be a nuisance.

The ideal process:

  • Your lock is broken \ jammed and needs to be replaced.
  • You call a locksmith.
  • You no longer need to replace your lock.
  • That’s it. There shouldn’t be any more steps!

That’s where we aim. we aim to please.

Call (201) 613-2700 and our local unit will be dispatched your way in no time!

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A Commercial Lock Change – Hanging lock

If your lock is a normal hanging lock – try and save some money and try to open it up.

If you don’t mind tossing the old one – we know our way with an angle grinder.

This can be done without a locksmith, however, that’s obviously done of your own volition and we take no responsibility whatsoever. We REALLY can’t recommend you do it yourself.

If you wish to allow a professional to take care of it – don’t hesitate to call, we are at your service!

A Commercial Lock Change – Door Lock

A commercial door usually has a few unique characteristics such as a panic bar, a heavier door, and a heftier lock.

This isn’t a must, many business doors are simple household doors.

But whatever you throw our way, may it be a simple door, a complex commercial lock, or a heavy-duty floor safe. We got you.


Much, Much More

Our services don’t end here, no sir. We will surprise you.

Just a few of might be of interest in a commercial setting:
commercial lock installation, business lock installation, emergency commercial locksmith, industrial door locks, commercial gate locks, commercial fingerprint door lock, commercial lock rekey, commercial keyless entry door locks, commercial master lock, and the list go on and on.

American Star Locksmith – The best 24-hour locksmith in New Jersey.

American Star Locksmith – is at your service! Call (201) 613-2700 we are here to please.

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