American Star Locksmith will provide you with commercial locksmith services for your office building, store or van! All in a moment’s notice, we know your business is important to you, and every second out of it is a complete loss of money!

For more detail Call us at (201) 613-2700 and our local locksmith mobile is on its way to assist you

Well – fear not! For we are to your rescue, give us a call, whenever, wherever, we’ve got you.
Whether you’ve got your keys locked in the boot, or your store lock is jammed, your problems are solved with American Star Locksmith. From Master re-key to high security locks, we’ve got you. Give us a call today.

Are you locked out of your business?

Is any minute now, a stream of customers old and new, gonna come by your store only to realise – your store is shut in the middle of the day? even though it’s clearly listed on your site – that right now… you should be open.

Well, you’re in a pickle, but soon as you call American Star Locksmiths – you’ll be out of your pickle and into your business ASAP.

Emergency lock repair

American Star Locksmith services provides Emergency lock repair services, with ease and speed right to your unopened door, we have professional equipment to handle everything you need from a broken heavy duty stainless steel lock, all the way to a stubborn file-cabinet that just won’t open. We can handle it all, try us out, call us up!

So you’ve had a solid work day, it was hard enough – but also good, you tried to lock up, but you can’t, the lock won’t lock.

It did yesterday – what’s with it? You tried and tried but to no avail and it just got worst, the key broke and is now jammed in your lock, your wife and kids awaits, well fear not, for we will come by, repair that terrible lock of yours and get you up and going to your wife just in time for dinner. All’s well ends well.

Heading over to your warehouse, you never knew you’d get stuck there holding your keys in one hand and your broken lock on the other, you do need to head back though, you left your business and the trusted hands of your not so trusted niece, what to do what to do? Well to-call us! American Star Locksmiths provide emergency lock repair services with professionalism and speed.

For more detail Call us at (201) 613-2700 and our local locksmith mobile is on its way to assist you

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