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For 24 hour locksmith near you, call (201) 613-2700. We’ll redirect our local mobile locksmith to your location.

Accessible and Reliable Locksmith Services

24-Hour Service

Our attentive Manalapan team is ready to be deployed at all hours of the day, even before dawn.
We will have our experts ready with the proper equipment at your location in order to take care of any sudden emergency locksmithing problems regardless of the time of day!

Fast Response times

We provide a fast response for requests within 25 minutes, from private homes in the Manalapan residential area to automobiles on the road.
Our commitment to speed, accuracy, and above all quality is guaranteed.

Locksmith Manalapan NJ

When Should You Call a Locksmith?

Expertise in The Field

With over a decade of experience, our team is ready to tackle any problem you might be facing.

Our team is ready to respond to a vast variety of situations, these include:

  • Being locked out of your car, your house, your office, etc.
  • Locking the key inside of your car, trunk, or your apartment.
  • The access control system is not responding.
  • Emergency need of a door replacement or repair.
  • Needing a lock changed or installed.
  • And more!

Service Areas Within New Jersey

We also offer our services outside of Manalapan, this includes:

Risks of Attempting to Repair Your Own Lock

We urge anyone with no knowledge or experience in locksmithing to not attempt to manually fix locks with their own equipment. Locksmithing can be a very hazardous job and without the proper preparations or safety equipment, you can put yourself and your loved ones at risk.

Lead Exposure

While working on a lock, it is common for metal shavings to be produced as a direct result of the work. Coming into contact with even just the lead shavings can result in lead poisoning and even death.

Locksmiths usually protect themselves with safety glasses, gloves, and heavy protective clothing. If you do not own any of these, don’t take a risk with your life, call some experts that can take care of your issue fast and safely.


When fixing a lock, security is of utmost importance. Locksmiths go through a long learning process in order to make sure there are no worries in terms of stability, break-ins, or security compromises in the process of taking care of a lock and key.

Attempting to work on a lock, key or door puts your surroundings in danger of a structural collapse, damaging your tools or even yourself.

American Star Locksmith – The best 24-hour locksmith in New Jersey.

For 24 hour locksmith near you, call (201) 613-2700. We’ll redirect our local mobile locksmith to your location.

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