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Congratulations! We hope your new home is lovely, lively and the hub of all things good in your life!
As this new house is set to be your new home, we understand you may want to keep it safe.
A safe home is a happy home. Call the best 24 hour locksmith (201) 613-2700 for an immediate estimate and arrival.


Why Change Locks on New House?

Often said to be the first thing needed in a new house, a door lock cylinder replacement can feel like money down the drain.

The lock works, and if it ain’t broke – why fix it?

The previous owner gave you all the previous keys, and you can’t wait to enjoy that new home.

So why change the locks? It is sometimes a decorative change, however, for us the answer is simple.


Society is built on trust, but knowing that… Using that trust to an alternative-malicious end goal is never uncommon.

So you definitely don’t need to change your locks…

As long as you fully trust the previous owner that every key and every copy has been given and no further copies have been made.

If you’ve decided to do a door lock change, we can help with that.

Call (201) 613-2700 and get your lock changed and your new house safe at last!

But changing the locks can be expensive… Aren’t there any other solutions?

Other Solutions

While keeping your new home safe with a brand new lock is usually the safest option, we understand this can be an expensive option.

So we’ve devised a few alternative options that are a little lighter on the ol’ wallet.



Rekey House Locks

Rekeying one’s house lock can be the best option available, using the existing lock and cylinder with just a new lock.

This way you don’t actually buy any new locks, you simply get a new set of keys and adjust your locks accordingly.

While this is the cheapest option and sometimes sounds the best, it’s not without its downsides.

One of the downsides is the lack of a security upgrade, but the biggest one is the wear and tear of the current cylinder.

So eventually you might have to change that lock anyways, just a bit later down the road.

Add a Deadbolt to a Door

Adding a deadbolt to your door is a good option regardless of whether you’re getting a new home or not.

However, when getting a new house with possibly compromised security, this added advantage is a blessing.

And if you can combine getting a deadbolt and rekeying your lock – you’re golden.

Two new locks in the price of one sound like a solid deal, which we definitely recommend.

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