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Need a Paramus Locksmith? boy do we’ve got you! Our locksmith team is up and about all throughout the day 24/7 in the Paramus area
call us at (201) 613-2700 to send our fully equipped mobile locksmith your way!

Why choose American Star Locksmith?

With 24 hour locksmith, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – It’s not even a question! And with our 25 minute response times and fully equipped service van you’ve got everything you need in one place!

Our mobile locksmith unit ensures you’ll have any equipment necessary for any lock-related need that may occur and our professional team that works anything from a simple entry lock to complex business locks and storefronts ensures you’ve got the utmost professional service money can buy!

When you need a locksmith, you need American Star – call (201) 613-2700, and your friends at American Star Locksmith are headed your way!

Door Repair

Did you end up with a hack of a locksmith that damaged your door and disfigured your house’s façade? We understand we’ve all been there, we don’t want you to feel bummed out every time you enter your home, or worse off – when entertaining guests! So we are here to your rescue! 

Any repair needed to your door, from a busted lock to a full door replacement – we can handle it all, our team has seen many door fronts butchered by hacks, and as professional locksmiths – we apologize on their behalf, this, however, can be fixed by the best most reliable locksmith around.

For an appraisal or for more information call us at (201) 613-2700, if you’re not happy with our offer – you can always hang up and move on, however we are sure you’d be pleased.

Business and Commercial Locksmith Service

If you’re at Paramus Fashion Center, Paramus Park, Bergen Town center or basically any store in Paramus or the vicinity – we provide professional commercial locksmith service, from a mundane lock change to emergency service, you can call us anytime, anywhere. and get the best Bergen County locksmith right at your door!

If you got to your business looking to open and your lock won’t work, or alternatively if you tried to lock up after a long day but the lock jammed – no need to worry no need to stress, your pals at American Star Locksmith can be there in no time!

mobile locksmith

Simply call (201) 613-2700 and we’ll change that dreadful lock and get you up and running, and back to your errands in a jiffy!

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