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We replace Mailbox keys and locks, any size or model. with over 20 years of experience to both commercial or residential customers we can assist no matter the issue.

Call us now at (201) 613-2700 for additional information or immediate service.

If you’ve had a Mailbox key lost or stolen – we got you covered! With the delicate touch of our professional team we can replace your Mailbox lock and key in no time!

You’ve ordered a new and cool phone cable that’s waiting for you in your mailbox, but alas! You’ve lost your mailbox key!! Maybe you left it at work.. Or maybe at the bus stop! Oh my..

Well not to worry – If you got our phone number – you no longer have a problem!



American Star Locksmith’s professional team is licensed, bonded, and insured and has every tool available in the craft, we can assist you with anything you need, from a simple house lockout, business emergency lockout or a plain Mailbox key copying or replacing.

We got you covered – no matter what type of lock you have! If it’s a Prime-line mailbox key replacement, a First-Watch Security lock or an Architectural lock… we can handle anything and everything you’ve got!

American Star Locksmith – the best mailbox locksmith in New Jersey.

Contact your friends at American Star Locksmith for a brand new Mailbox key! Call (201) 613-2700 and we can head your way in no time!

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Can a Locksmith Replace a Mailbox Key?

Yes! But not every locksmith though.

Here, you get your mailbox key or lock replaced or repaired – all done with a professional hand and a caring smile.

A good reliable locksmith is licensed and has his insurance valid. He is proficient in many subjects. Including mailbox lock repair or a mailbox key replacement.

We can either replace your mailbox key, or your mailbox lock.

USPS lock change

The USPS provides specially approved mailboxes, with that you need a good lock to keep your mail safe.

The box itself provides ample security and privacy for your mail, but to complement this type of security you need a solid lock.

If that lock is either jammed, broken or is simply loose and a hassle to use – Call us up!

If I Lost My Mailbox Key, How do I get a New Mailbox Key?

I depends on the mailbox to be frank. But more often than not you can simply call us.

If it’s a private residence, an apartment building or a Post Office Box.

Lost Private Mailbox Key

When replacing a Lost mailbox key usually the mailbox lock would need to be pried open and replaced with a new one.

This could be a gentle process, but any trained professional is usually well equipped for.

a steady hand to drill-in the lock without harming the mailbox or damaging any mail in it, and the locksmith knowledge to simply replace it with a new one.

If you need more than a couple keys with your brand new lock, we can assist you with that as well – with an on-hand key copier we can give you an extra key to your wife, kid or housemates.

If you are replacing your Mailbox lock yourself – give extra care to the process, there’s nothing worse than a busted mailbox.

With an indelicate or inexperienced hand you can damage your own or your neighbors mailbox , best case you’ve damaged the mailbox appearance, and worst case you can damage the mechanism.

In that case you can get either your mail lost or stolen or best case scenario – delayed! Not fun at all…

Lost Post Office Box key

We always choose honesty, we believe it is in fact the best policy.

If you end up losing your POB key, we might not be able to help you.

Every Post Office usually has an on-hand locksmith or trained individual that replaces all the locks in the office.

Lost Mailbox Key Apartment Building

This is equivalent to a private residence key, it is in fact – your mailbox.

However, we do advise to consult your super, he may be able to do it himself.

If you need a mailbox locksmith – Call (201) 613-2700 and we are on our way!

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