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We repair, replace or maintain any mailbox in New Jersey. Mailbox lock replace, hinges and flap repair.

For any mailbox repair – call (201) 613-2700 and our trusted technicians will answer in no time!

Apartment Mailbox Lock Replacement

Mailbox Lock Stuck

It’s always a bummer, and honestly kinda scary especially if the lock is stuck with the key inside it. You never know who’ll jiggle that lock open.

Apartment Mailbox Lock Replacement

If you need a lock replacement for your apartment mailbox we’ve got a large collection of locks and a few good locksmiths who are at your beck and call.

Mailboxes which are found in apartments are usually large and contain the mailboxes of everyone in the building.

Those mailboxes usually have a master key in the hands of the super if you need fast access.

On the off chance he doesn’t have it, or he’s not available – you can always call us.

Break Into Mailbox Without Key

If you need to access your mailbox without a key you need to pry it open.

So a helpful tip: how to access your mailbox with only a hammer and screwdriver!

This can be done by leveraging a flat head screwdriver in the opening groove by the lock, followed by holding the groove open slightly and inserting the claw side of a hammer into the groove.

Once that’s done, leverage the hammer in the mailbox door with some force. And you’re in!

Warning: this will severely damage both your lock and your mailbox. Proceed with caution.
We take no responsibility for any outcome whatsoever.

Mailbox Keys Lost

It’s always a shame when a key get’s lost, especially your mailbox keys!

You normally figure it out when you’re at your mailbox trying to get your mail and you can’t access your mail.

“I Lost My Mailbox Key to My Apartment”

Losing your mailbox key is a bummer indeed, but don’t you worry.

We’ve got solutions for you!

We can repair or replace your mailbox lock, with professionalism and care.

An EASY and ultra FAST service. Call (201) 613-2700 for more info.

mailbox lock stuck

Broken Mailbox Key

Once your mailbox key is broken, especially if it’s broken in the lock, you definitely need a locksmith.

Other methods will usually simply damage your mailbox or destroy your existing lock.

Apartment Mailbox Key Replacement

When you lose your mailbox key in an apartment building, it’s usually less of a bummer.

Usually, a mailbox master key can be found with your super, so maybe ask them first.

However – they can’t always help you, and you still need new mailbox keys.

Of course – we’d love to assist you!

Here, we can replace or copy any key, including your mailbox keys!

We can even upgrade your mailbox lock to a more secure one, or to an easier one to access.

American Star Locksmith – the best mailbox locksmith in New Jersey.

Here when you need us. Call (201) 613-2700 we’d love to hear from you!


Who’s responsible to fix your mailbox?

Property owners, property maintenance, apartment builders, developers, etc are responsible to fix your apartment mailbox according to USPS regulations.
If you’re a property owner, review Apartment Mailbox Repair for more info.


How to fix a broken mailbox lock?

If you are a property owner, with the proper tools you can remove the existing lock and replace it with a new one.
Contact a locksmith if you need assistance.


What do you call mailboxes in apartments?

Normally called cluster box units, however, some may call them standard cluster mailbox, community mailbox, or just apartment mailbox.

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