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The Importance of Having a Home Locksmith

Having a locksmith on call might not seem important, but it could make all the difference if you
ever get stuck outside of your home. Trust us, this is a situation you need to prepare for before it

Do you know what to do in case you accidentally lose your key? Who are you going to
turn to when something goes awry with your home security system? Have you devised a way to
keep your house protected? All of these potentially dangerous situations are avoidable if you
know your local locksmith in South River, NJ.

Thankfully, planning to avoid this situation
requires little to no effort and can be executed fairly easily.

How to Prepare for Residential Emergencies

The most important thing to do is create some sort of contact list: this should include your
locksmith in South River, NJ and a few (trusted) neighbors. It’s common to keep your
locksmith’s business card up on the fridge where it’s easily visible and accessible.

If you’re more tech savvy, you can always save our contact number in your phone. This is typically preferable
because it’s more portable – you don’t have to worry about keeping up with a business card, or
finding our specific business info on Google. Call us (201) 613-2700 anytime you need us and we’ll be there
within 25 minutes or so.

Knowing your neighbors and developing a level of trust with them can also be helpful during
times like these.

Although our team can get to you on such short notice, you might want to turn to people that you have a solid relationship with in the meantime. It’s also nice to have access to a trustworthy person with a physical backup key.

Once you’ve regained access to your home, the only thing you’d have to worry about is reinstalling the key you lost earlier. That’s where our
team would step in for that situation; we’ll have your initial key replaced in no time.

Beyond key reconfiguration, we also specialize in high security locks, keyless entry systems,
iron gate works, panic bar installations, peep hole installations, and more. Anytime you want to
amp up the security around your personal space, we’ve got your back.

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Residential Security Systems

Another great way to stay on top of emergency situations is by having the right home security
system. This looks different for a lot of people – some prefer simple solutions, others want to go
all out with higher tech.

Either option is great so long as your home security system is actually doing its job. More recently, we’ve been turning to newer options because they offer a wider
range of solutions and fewer inconveniences.

Keyless lock systems, for example, are starting to rise in popularity – they’re convenient,
efficient, and all around more utilitarian. This security system pretty much eliminates the whole
‘what if you lose your key’ dilemma.

All you have to do is enter your code and walk right in. Most systems even allow you to develop a special code that you can assign to different people.

No more hiding the keys under the mat, inside of your plants, or haphazardly next to your window.
Plus, you can still bypass the machine if the battery dies or the power goes out with tools that
you only you would have access to.

Other types of high security locks come in a range of options; basically, if you’re looking to
install more than one lock on your door, we can get it done.


The main takeaway is that you should always do what you can to avoid putting yourself in unnecessary emergency situations – in other words, be prepared. Don’t be afraid to go the extra
mile to protect your family and personal space.

Anytime you need help with your lock system,
know that your friends at American Star Locksmith will be by your side within minutes to get you back to safety.

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