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Need a locksmith in Midtown? You’ve made it to the right place! We cover midtown left and right – Central Park to Flatiron.
We are at your disposal. Call (212) 289-8500 to dispatch a unit your way.


Fast and Easy 24/7 Locksmith Service in Midtown

We offer one of the best locksmith services in the area.

All you need to do is:

  1. Call us
  2. Describe your needs
  3. Rest! We’ll take care of everything.

Click to read about our services in Midtown:

Getting a locksmith has never been easier.
Call us at (212) 289-8500 and you’re already one step ahead of the problem!

Times Square Locksmith

The Times Square Theater District is enjoyably the busiest part of 7th Ave, the shops, the people, the tourists.

This is why we offer full locksmith services to any and all businesses in the area.

And many businesses here are already enjoying our services on a daily basis.

Many retail stores, medical offices, administrative offices, commercial spaces and educational facilities are all safe and happy with all of our security systems and our 24/7 willingness to assist.

Midtown East Locksmith

Our services go far and beyond times square and we offer our locksmith services in Midtown South, The Garment District and all around the area.

For more information on our services, keep reading or browse our website!

If you are in the Times Square District and in need of a locksmith – you are exactly where you need to be.

Call us at (212) 289-8500 and we’d be happy to help on any issue.


Commercial Locksmith Services in Midtown NY

We offer a variety of services to businesses all over manhattan, we do our best to provide info regarding every service we provide here on our website.
If you still can’t find what you’re looking for – just call us and we most likely would be able to help.

Our commercial services offered in Midtown:

Office Buzzer Systems

We install, maintain and repair buzzer systems for over a decade all over manhattan and Jersey.

With the best models by the best brands installing a buzzer system has never been easier.

All you need to do is call us, describe what you need and we’ll take care of the rest!

Our trusted locksmith can advise on anything you need and get you the best buzzer in the best deal.

We offer Access Control Systems, Office Keypads and Locks, Alarm Systems, and more!

Office Move-In \ Move-Out

When moving out of an office, a locksmith is normally not the first thing you get in mind.

However, when moving into a new place one of the first things that you need to have on your mind is changing the lock!

The last thing you want is the old tenants having access to your new home or office.

You never know who they gave a key to and who might have copied it.

In addition, you might want to install a new buzzer system, access control for your employees and guests, or an alarm system to keep the burglars out.

Do yourself a favor, if you move you scale your business up or down, you might just need a locksmith to help the move.

So if you move into a new place – call us! Our trusted locksmith will help advise you on any needs you might have with the move.

Call us at (212) 289-8500 for any assistance with your store, shop, or office!


Residential Locksmith Service in Midtown

In addition to our commercial services, we do offer services for apartments in the area.

Lockout Service

Our stellar 25-min response time is one of our main selling points.

Extreme availability is one of the best ways to keep our customers happy, we understand the need for speed in our profession and do everything in our power to answer it.

Our experienced locksmiths are some of the best around and are fully equipped to handle any issue you might have.

Door Lock Cylinder Change

Moved into a new place? Had a recent break-in in the area? You might want to change that door lock.

We offer a variety of locks to match your need and desired security level.

From deadbolt to high-end locks we can help you keep the intruders at bay.

Apartment Mailbox Repair

Need help with your mailbox? Is the lock stuck? do you need a new key? A quick fix-up?

We can help you with all of those and much much more!

Car Locksmith Service in Midtown

Got locked out? Need a new key fob? We can help!

Our mobile locksmith units can meet you right at your car and assist with any issue.

One-Stop-Shop For All Your Locksmith Needs in Midtown

We offer any service a locksmith in manhattan can offer. from commercial to residential, from your mailbox to your car.

All done with a variety of options for you to choose from, at your desired security or comfort level.

Call us at (212) 289-8500 a representative would help with anything you might need!

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