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Looking for a locksmith in Battery Park? You’ve made it to the best one 🙂
Any and all locksmith service, reliably fast. Call (212) 289-8500 for more.

Battery Park Locksmith

24 Hour Locksmith Service in Battery Park

A good locksmith is an available one, and in the city that never sleeps, this is a must!

We offer full availability, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in 365 days of the year. Holidays included.

With services far and wide all we need is a solid 25 minutes to get to you.

The services offered by us go from a commercial locksmith service to residential one or even automotive or mailbox locks.

We can unlock, replace, repair, maintain or upgrade any lock in the market.

So if you need a locksmith in Manhattan – you need us! Call (212) 289-8500 we’re happy to help.

Residential Locksmith Service in Battery Park


Battery Park is one of the best places to live in Manhattan, the schools, the views and the walks in the pier and around the cove.

However, when you get locked out, especially in the cold, you need to get out of the lovely parks and piers and get back in quickly!

Well, we can help with exactly that!

Residential locksmith service for lockouts, replacement or a post-break-in upgrade.

We have our Mobile Locksmith Unit constantly roaming around Battery Park and The Financial District which means our availability is some of the best!

Battery Park Locksmith


Mailbox Locksmith Service

If your mailbox starts acting up, you might want to get ahead and replace that pesky old lock before it’ll stop you from getting your mail or damaging your mailbox.

Our locksmiths are trained with all types of mailboxes, apartment mailboxes and commercial ones.

So if you need your mailbox lock replaced, maintained or upgraded – call us!

Door Lock Cylinder Change

A lock can wear out, get jammed or even corrupted after an attempted break-in.

Our trusted locksmiths can get a good amount of stress off your shoulders with our variety of different locks at different levels of security.

If you need your lock replaced you’ve made it to the right place!

Car Lockout Service

If getting locked out of your home is a bummer, getting locked out of your car is double the stress!

When you come home you’ve come to rest, but when you need to get in your car you need to go!

Our locksmiths are always around and have a working knowledge of most of the available cars!

Call us today for an estimate! Call (212) 289-8500 and a representative will help promptly!




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