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Lockouts, lock changes and buzzers, all your locksmith needs are cared for.
In Clinton and in need of a locksmith? Call (212) 289-8500 for more.

Hells Kitchen Locksmith

Clinton Locksmith Services

We offer any locksmith service in the book.

So whether you’re an individual or you’re representing a business, any service you need – we got.

We have served the community for over 10 years now with hundreds of happy customers.

In addition, we offer a 24 hour locksmith service throughout the 7 days of the week, 365 days a year!

Our Mobile Locksmith Unit is constantly roaming around Hell’s Kitchen and the Midtown area so our response times can stay incredibly short!

We are available, all-inclusive and offer a variety of locks for you to choose from, so the choice and the price point is always in your hands!

Need a locksmith in Manhattan? Call us at (212) 289-8500 and we’d be happy to help!

Among our services:

Businesses of Hell’s Kitchen Chose

With dozens of businesses in our trusted care, no issue will slow the flow of your business.

Retail stores, medical offices, commercial spaces, warehouses and educational facilities are already resting easy knowing we are but a phone call away.

Anything a business might need from a locksmith we do.

Office Buzzer System

Installing a buzzer system in your office has never been easier!

A simple call and explanation of your needs will grant you expert and fast service.

Buzzer systems (also known as access control or office keypad) are a must to any office, the ease, the increased security… No wonder almost every office has one.

We have a variety of buzzer systems on hand for you to choose from based on your need, call for a free estimate.

Business Lockout

Got locked out of work? That’s fine. A simple call will fix it all!

Our 25 min lockout response time is one of our main selling points.

Call now to dispatch a unit your way, the number is (212) 289-8500 happy to be of service.

Residential Locksmith Services

We talk more than business, our residential service is of great use to many families and individuals around the neighborhood.


Getting locked out of your home isn’t fun, but we aim to make that fun-less experience last as little as humanly possible!

And our 25 min response time speaks for itself.

Apartment buildings, cars – basically anything with a lock – we can pry open.

Lock Change

Did you just move into your new place? Congrats!

You probably already heard from family and friends, and especially in Hell’s Kitchen – you need to get your lock changed.

Or better yet – upgraded.

No one has ever regretted buying a deadbolt, or getting a stronger lock that’s harder to pick or with a key that’s harder to copy. They all contribute to the sense of security in the home.

And what better place to feel safe – than at home.

Mailbox Lock Repair

We did say anything with a lock, didn’t we?

If your mailbox is jammed, or frequently get’s jammed – you might need to consider a new lock.

We fix, replace and maintain mailboxes left and right.

Need a lock change? Got locked out? You’re in the right place!

Need a Midtown Locksmith? Call us at (212) 289-8500 and our locksmiths would be happy to help!

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