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We know you’re stressed, don’t be. You’ve made it to the right place.

Getting locked out is always a nuisance, but we are always just a call away.

For an immediate dispatch to your location – call (201) 613-2700 and regain access instantly.

locksmith freehold nj

Emergency Freehold Locksmith Service

We believe the true marks of a locksmith is in it’s availability.

If you’re not available 24/7 – what are you gonna do when your customers truly need you?

This is in our blood, don’t let people wait up, outside in the cold, when with a quick trip we can remedy that situation.

Our end game is your smile when you finally get back home. So it doesn’t matter what the situation is – we’ll figure it out.

And thankfully, due to over a decade of experience, every tool in our tool kit and our professional locksmith knowledge – we haven’t had a frowned face.

Call Locksmith Freehold NJ – the number is (201) 613-2700 and we’ll get you back home.

Freehold Commercial Lockout Service

As a business, we know the value of time. Once you get in your store or office – time is money.

We are not here to waste your money, once you see your lock jammed, call us and we’ll be there in no time.

We cover every type of door, bolt and lock. We cover every brand with every issue that may occur.

Specialty glass doors

If you’ve ever paid for a glass door, you know it’s not a cheap one.

Therefore you need a delicate touch while picking, replacing or installing a new lock on a glass door.

Especially while working with power tools.

Storage unit locks

Usually storage units come with standard locks, however – some owners prefer using their own lock, and they buy the biggest baddest lock they can find.

Causing the on-site locksmith a great deal of trouble if it ever gets jammed.

May it be a glass door lock, a storage unit lock, a warehouse lock and chain or a simple office door lock – we’ve got you covered.

Call American Star Locksmith and get back to work ASAP! Our number is (201) 613-2700.

locksmith freehold nj

Freehold Home Lockout Service

Getting locked out of your OWN HOME. The irony – right?

Yes, the frustration is understandable. But don’t over frustrate yourself, your google search is over.

Lock addition, picking or replacement.

If your door lock got stuck, jammed or simply broke – it’s a headache for you, but a simple quick fix for us.

We at American Star Locksmith can open ANY lock, replace deadbolt lock, and add MANY types of top locks. In virtually no time.

As soon as you call – our local locksmith unit is dispatched straight to you, and from there it’s a matter of minutes.

Stop sitting waiting for a miracle – Call (201) 613-2700 and we are halfway there!!

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